All about performance training for handball players

Learn about training, diet, sleep, supplements and more. Enjoy your reading!


3 core exercises that improve your performance

All the work you do in handball is done around your core. Therefore, it is crucial that your core is strong and stable, and especially in exercises/movements with a rotational aspect.


Avoid heavy & tired legs on the handball court

If you want to be a faster and more explosive handball player, who also has the strength and energy for intense actions at the end of your matches, it is super important that your legs are not heavy! But unfortunately we see a lot of people making the same mistake over and over again, and we've been there ourselves...


Static vs. dynamic stretching

Static stretching has long been a regular part of warm-up routines and is also used extensively after training/competition, but is it really the best option or is dynamic stretching the better one?


Aim higher than realistic goals..

We've all been told to set realistic goals - otherwise we'll just be disappointed. This is a typical Danish mindset that time after time stands in the way of us achieving our goals.